Archive mobile storage stand

Mobile storage stand of SM series is designed to store different kinds of documents and books in archives, libraries, museums. Due to its mobile system and bilateral storage system such racks occupy minimum space, at the same time providing the maximum opportunities.

This storage stand moves with the help of mechanical chain drive providing easy movement. SM storage stand consists of a mobile base, sidewalls, false panels, shelves and diagonal tie-rods.



The mobile base is a collapsible frame with wheels and trackage. A bulkhead is installed on the base; it consists of side walls, false panels, shelves and tie-rods. To ensure a smooth running, safe use and create an attractive appearance, the storage stand is equipped with an anti-tip device that prevents a possible tilting of the storage stand and derailment, locking device, not allowing the storage stand to move spontaneously, false panels and closing mechanism of the storage stand along its entire height. The mobile storage stand has main and additional sections connected to main ones, whereby it is possible to increase the length of the rack.

The design of the mobile base and frame of storage stand is demountable, permitting to change the distance between shelves and their number in sections to create new schemes of storage stand installation. This storage stand's capacity is up to 80 kg per one shelf and up to 1120 kg for the entire section.

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